Why don’t the suppliers already give me these prices?

We are negotiating prices based on a minimum of 80 members. This is an approximate purchasing power of 20 million dollars. The pricing is based on our growing number of customers and expanded use of our core suppliers.

Do I need to buy from all of the UP suppliers?

NO, you choose Unity Purchasing suppliers that suit your business and your needs. Obviously, the more Unity Purchasing suppliers that you buy from, the greater savings you can make.

How long will these prices stay - what about price rises?

Price rises are inevitable, BUT, it is how they are communicated and managed that allows you to switch to other products or alter your pricing that matters.

UP's job is to hold, down, delay, negotiate extra buying opportunities and inevitably (like the market) give you the best warning possible of any price change. Rest assured we will ensure the price rise is relative to general market rises but maintains our lower base.

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