How UP Works

Unity Purchasing is a simple, proven business model, used in most retail industries.

Unity Purchasing customers pay an entry subscription fee of $400 (ex-GST) to access Unity Purchasing volume negotiated prices, specific cost management services, and a continually growing range of business support resources. We offer a discount if you elect to pay this fee upfront.

There are no further costs - no annual or hidden fees.  The subscription fee covers the administration costs for joining. Our business income is derived as a percentage of group purchasing, paid entirely by suppliers.  We operate transparently and deliver a percentage of our income back to Unity Purchasing customers, to encourage and reward loyalty and group purchasing strength.

You do not change the way you run your business

As a UP customer you choose which UP suppliers suit your business and deliver the best savings. You continue to choose your own suppliers.

You continue to place orders whenever you want and delivered when needed, exactly as you do now. We do not place the orders for you and you do not need to buy in bulk to get the discount.

You manage your supplier payments – you just get to pay a lot less!

UP understands you know your business best

Unlike many other business models that offer collective buying savings, we do not want to “brand” your business – or tell you how to run your business. We offer volume negotiated prices to Unity Purchasing customers to save you time and money.

UP customers are allocated their own secure customer number and password,which allows access into our restricted Customers Only’ Only Website pages

Price monitoring news, “hot deals” (special supplier promotions) and industry news are sent electronically to our customers regularly.

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