Supplier Benefits

Unity Purchasing is committed to excellent trading relationships with both its customers and suppliers. We work closely with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to deliver business, product and customer growth opportunities.

Our client base covers all areas of the food industry - hotels, clubs, caterers, snack bars, cafes and restaurants. Unity Purchasing customers are forward thinking, open to new products and services and are willing to put their loyalties with suppliers who provide excellent product and service values.

Unity Purchasing supplier benefits include:

  • sales growth
  • increased market share opportunities
  • increased customer loyalities
  • reduced customer servicing costs
  • product ranging growth
  • promotional assistance
  • web site promotion
  • customer troubleshooting assistance

Values and value, loyalties and high quality expectations drive our sales and results.

Partner with Unity Purchasing and add a new dimension to your market growth.

Contact us to find out how.